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Photos are very good, I really like it.

Thanks for sharing.

Ag Ambassador Alice

This is Pierce College Farm and we love our animals very much :) Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures!

annie parthemore

Luv PIERCE college farm. Fun and educational for the whole family. Please don't shut it down.

annie parthemore

save the farm! this is all about money

Bryan Faragher

I am disgusted with the Pierce College Administration for their short-sighted callous "handling" of the community while these idiots destroy a cornerstone of our community. More condos? A golf course? They refuse to comment and don't even think it's worth their time while they bulldoze what's left of our heritage.

Mark my words Pierce College Administration: you will regret this. You've kept this silent, but you are about to awaken a slumbering beast of community protest. You probably don't live in the Valley or care, but that farm is important to a great deal of people and when they find out, your leadership will be in the toilet along with the proposal to turn the farm into a golf course for the rich.


Found your pics, and would like your permission to use one image as the background for my facebook group "Save LA Pierce College Farm". I'm a former alumnus of the pre-vet program and current vet student. Pierce farm made my dream a reality. You can find us here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/385904221438370/


pierce college farm should not be shut down, it brings the community together! for years families visit the farm as a tradition it would be a shame if they took it down.

shahriar shahmiri

Please stop destroying a valuable educational entity which serves thousand of youngsters every year.

Linda Law

The bottom line is family values. We need to save some natural, beautiful "old-fashioned family fun" entertainment for the families! In this fast paced society, it is of the utmost importance that we preserve these experiences! Making memories together is what makes families stay together!


Ethan, you may use any of my photos.

Michele (This is my blog)

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