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Hi Michele,
Thanks for visiting my blog! Feedjit sounds interesting and I'll check that out. I've been following where my readers are located in my Feedburner stats report. I love it - it sets my mind all a whir thinking about other lands...
I see you have Haven Kimmel listed as one of your authors you've read recently. I haven't read that sequel but man did I love Zippy!
In the Pacific NW, favorite food for me is salmon, and, yes, avocado anything! I've also gone crazy for a great loaf of whole grain bread that I slice and warm in the oven, then dip in olive oil...yum.



Thanks for writing! Salmon, yum... that's what I'm having tonight. And warm whole grain bread in olive oil sounds like a great idea. MMmmmmmmm... I'm drooling just thinking of it, seriously.

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Avocado works for both dessert and main dish. Love it always

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