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Michele, thanks for linking to the article about S. Tsing Loh...she's one of my FAVORITES! (I once exchanged emails w/her re the joys of bagged lettuce...doesn't make sense out of context.) I'm not familiar with Naples Island but it looks wonderful. And re the potential closing of our parks (including one in my hometown in NW corner of our state)...it's heartbreaking...along with all of the other budget cuts being proposed. (I work at a school...so we're all anxiously awaiting word on what will happen to the schools.)



I love her, too! But unlike you - who had a nice exchange about bagged lettuce - I made a fool out of myself on two!! Yes, two separate occassions. Maybe I'll write about that this week when I get a chance.

Oh, and I'm right there with you on our state budget cuts. I have an idea, let's fire all these over-paid politicians who can find $$$ to pay themselves raises but then want to close our parks.

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