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Scott Piotrowski

You should really check out all of 66 in LA County sometime. It's well worth the several days that it might take to do it. There are at least 34 National Register of Historic Places landmarks within the 66 corridor in LA County alone. The first portion of 66 to become freeway is in LA County. The only vehicular tunnels to be a part of 66 are in LA County. The oldest still-in-use bridge on 66 is in LA County. LA's first museum sits alongside 66. "Sister" theaters in South Pasadena and Highland Park - both designed by architect L.A. Smith - are on 66. I could go on, but I'm sure that this is more than enough to keep you busy for awhile!



You're right. We really should check out what's here in LA County. Since we finally had a day free, we thought we'd go further rather than closer. But it seems there's a lot here that can be checked out. Thanks for the info.


I know someone who stayed at the Wigwam once. Great post.


Marilyn -

I'm glad to hear about people who actually stay there. I saw the owner on TV, and he said that people tend to look more than stay.


I love your journal! I love L.A.! You are a gifted writer as well as photographer.


Oh, and you might like this site:




Are you the LC from Flickr? Thanks so much for your kind comments. And I love Wes Clark's site. I had it on my blog links but it must have gotten pushed off after I added new one.

Thanks for visiting my site.

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