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Great post!!! I can't believe you met the nurse in the photo! And Susan Straight...LOVE her...read several of her books when I lived in Portland...heard her read at Powell's there. Prendergrast will be here next week...I'm hoping to sneak out of work a little early that day to hear him speak at UC Davis.



I know. I was so excited about meeting Edith. I've always loved that photo - you can feel the excitement and relief in the image. The excitement in the way the young sailor is grabbing her, and the relief in the way she is limply bent back, kissing him without resistance. That reminds me, that is something Edith and I spoke about and I'll write in my post: How I envy her for getting to experience the finality of war. So, yes, getting to speak with her was a thrill.

And about Susan Straight, I really enjoyed listening to her - the way she spoke so poetically, yet with humor, about her home and its people. Even though I don't read much fiction, I will make a point of scooping up anything she's written. From listening to her speak, she has the real art of story telling.

And I only wish I could have heard John Prendergast speak more. He and Don Cheadle had to rush off. But the stories of meeting mothers who've had children torn out of their arms but had to decide whether to save them or save the other three children they were carrying made me want to scream, "How can this happen?!" He's a real hero. Once he tells these horrific stories, it's impossible to not do something. You'll be fortunate to get to hear him for, I hope, a longer portion of time than I did.

Wheew - that was a long comment!

pondering pig

To meet someone from the time of legends. Still alive. Walking out of the mist of time and into 2007 LA. Wow! Yet I wonder if her entire life had been devoted to telling and retelling that story over and over and over.


P.P -

Yes, I wondered, too. Without even thinking I asked her about that kiss..."Was he a good kisser? How long did you two kiss?" And within minutes a man, after realizing who she is, asked the same questions.

Yep, she must get asked about that kiss many, many, many times a day. But she was perfectly happy to answer as if she'd never been asked them before.

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