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pondering pig

Hey, thanks for the plug, Aprilbaby. And I have to tell you, your parents sound totally cool. I will not allow any more rude comments about how many times they said "Far out!." Why, I have been known to let out with a "Far Out" or two myself in times gone by. The whole trick was to sound like a hip intellectual San Franciscan hippie saying "Far Out" and not some granola brain like John Denver. Unfortunately, I could never quite bring it off. What snobs we were!

Good luck with your research on the It's It business. It's gotta be a great story. I do know that the SF Chronicle is on microfilm or fiche at a number of Bay Area libraries. I wonder if Herb Caen is indexed, though. Now that would be a project!


P.P., the "far-outs" are fun to think about now. But, man, as a kid...embarrassing! Yeah, I called the SF library. I might actually have to take up trip up there to peruse their microfilm. HAVING to go to San Francisco sounds like fun to me.

pondering pig

Wish I could meet you in the reference room for a day of it. Nothing I like better than digging for treasures in the dust.


Yep. Is there a name for people (like us) who enjoy that, looking up dusty stuff? Like Cultural slueths...contemporary archeologists...I don't know, I'm tired and the way I wrote slueths doesn't look right, but I'm too lazy to pull out my dictionary. Some slueth, huh? No. It looks weird. Sluthe? no. Sluth? no. It must be slueth. And after all this typing I could've looked up the correct spelling.


Wow, I haven't thought about It's-It...in, well, AGES. ;) Look forward to hearing more.


Hey, Marilyn...I know I don't even see them(It's-Its)sold anymore. As they say, out of sight out of mind.


I'm eager to be their beside them what a nice place they have........

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