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What a lovely story about your grandmother. Although the cooking thing? Well, that's just nuts... ;)


That was lovely, Michele. And I want to have Thanksgiving at your house :)


Thanks, you two!! I hope you both had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


oh i'm so envious!! I spent thanksgsiving in the lovely town of san bruno. The entire bowl of instant mashed potatoes came up all at once when I pulled the spoon out to serve it on my plate. Though the turkey was 16 pounds for just five of us, there was a small ration of turkey servings. For unknown reasons, just a portion of the leg was cut up. The pieces were roughly an inch wide and three inches long and had more skin than meat. I managed to take three pieces so I didn't hog it all from the others. There was string beans and some sort of casserole covered in mini-marshmallows. And of course there were the cranberries I'm sure no one ate, but it was traditional. We polished it off with Pumpkin pie and coolwhip. I drank chardonnay with my meal but my aunt didn't notice the color of the wine. "Wine's wine" she said and poured a red merlot into my white wine when she saw my glass was getting low. I realize it's not ALL about the food and I enjoyed those around the table. But what I woulda given to walk away from that thanksgiving dinner feeling even a tiny bit satisfied and a little bit more full. I LOVED reading your story and for a moment there, it felt like I was there....


This lovely post almost, but not quite, made me think that cooking could be a good thing!

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