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I love Bobby's. It's right near where the house where my husband grew up. We've had countless Sunday breakfasts there. It IS so good.


Bobby's Coffee Shop has been Bobby's since I started going there in the early 60's. I grew up with Bobby's kids and have been going there regularly for over 40 years. It burned badly once I recall years ago and I think it is on its third owner. Bobby would do all the cooking in his white jack Purcell tennis shoes, his wife was the waitress and later his daughter. I do not remember Chicken a go go but a Ranch was 99cents in the late 60's.


Thanks BK,

The current owner told me about the Chicken A Go Go, but I haven't seen any other mention about that anywhere. I appreciate the info about Bobby and his family, the price of the Ranch meal. You should know you've been going there since the early 60s. Again, I appreciate that sort of info.


I remember many breakfasts and dinners at Bobby's in the 70's. Bobby's daughter was nice (they lived behind it or nearby I seem to remember), and my daughter, now 25, loved it - once she went behind the counter to see all the cool stuff - Bobby just laughed as we freaked out and pulled her out of there. Seldom had to wait for a table back then... We moved to Arcadia and then Sylmar, and in the years since I even ended up working a while in Westlake Village but I never had time to go again. Guess I need to make a trip back there... thanks!


JS -

Thanks for the info! I love hearing personal stories like yours. Yep, whenever you're in the area you've gotta stop by. The food's still great.

Thanks, again.


Bobby  Upnorth

Hello all !!!
I purchased t-shirts for several friends with their names, of cafes pubs and saloons for Christmas. I forgot one person. Myself. Does Bobby's Cafe sell t-shirts with it's name or logo. I tried contacting them with no response. If anyone out there reading this dines at that cafe please let me know via email. Thank you and Happy New Year...........Bobby ocdnluvinit@yahoo.com

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