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Wow, this sounds fabulous! My husband, a New Yorker with a very picky Italian palate, and I love discovering small, discreet spots like this one sounds. We'll try it out and I'll report back. Thanks for the tip and the great descriptions.


Yikes! An Italian, New Yorker with a picky palate? I think it's good, but then again I'm just a non-Italian, Californian...please let me know if you two do go and enjoy it.


Well, we went to Topanga Pizza this weekend and we loved it! Thanks so much for your great review that lead us to this little hidden gem in the Valley. My husband, a transplanted New Yorker, felt immediately at home, as we were sitting in between two families, also from NY. (Why is it that New Yorkers always seem to find each other?)

We went early and were able to get parking in the lot. The kids had half-orders of pasta - can't go wrong there. I ordered the roasted half chicken with potatoe medallions that is your husband's favorite - and I can see why. It was very good plus I really liked the chopped cucumber and tomato salad that came with it. (hmm, just realized that I didn't get the mushroom cream sauce. oh well, next time!)

Jake got the salmon with ginger-lime sauce and he was in heaven! What a fabulous dish - I kept sneaking bites of his and a total bargain at around $12. The prices were so good, in fact, that we overdid it, order extras we normally wouldn't have.

We ordered a small cheese pizza - because Jake always has to try the pizza - but were unimpressed. It was fine for the kids, but pretty bland to us, needing more spices to give it some kick.

All in all, we are totally happy. Here's how you know Jake liked it - he mentioned bringing his parents there when they visit next from NY!

Our gluttonous meal: wine, tea, small cheese pizza, half-order pasta, salmon, roast chicken, side salad, apple tart and creme brulee. Total $50. Not too shabby.

thanks again! Jake and I thank you. : )


Oh good, I'm so happy to hear you liked it. I get a little nervous - sort of like fixing up people for a blind date - when recommending places to eat.

We've been going there for about seven years now, and I don't think I've ever gotten there pizza, which is pretty funny considering their name, Topanga Pizza. My daughter always orders the calzone and gets protective of her food, so I haven't really tasted that either.

The creme brulee is good, too, huh? Creamy, yet light, not too rich - and, mmmmm, that sweet, carmelized top...I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. You know, I've never tried the apple tart.

Thanks, Renee, for letting me know. I'm so happy to hear you and Jake liked it.


wow, i live right by this place and have never gone in...
thanks for the tips.


My God, I've been going to Cavaretti's with my Italian grandmother since I was a wee little bambino cack in the 70's!! They have THE best cannolis ever!!! I'm so ecstatic they, as well as my other favorite, Follow Your Heart, have survived the corporate takeover that seems to have plagued the Valley!! My grandmother, who now lives in OC, really misses Cavaretti's! She used to have a thrift shop on Lankershim in N. Hollywood called "Granny's Treasures" in the 60's-80's that was quite the hip shop!!!


Rubygirl -

Thanks for that little bit of Valley history. Very cool.

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