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Sounds like a great evening! (I finally got a jazz clip of my drummer boyfriend on my video blog--link on my left sidebar. It was at a Hurricane Katrina benefit.) I wish everyone would support jazz...a truly American art form that struggles simply to survive. So thank you for supporting it!


Hey Marilyn,
Very Cool! I'll definitely check out your boyfriend's clip. It is really a shame more people don't appreciate jazz (which I started listening to after meeting my husband).

Good jazz... there's nothing like it.


Gosh I wish we had something like that around here. I am a cheese and wine fool! Souunds like you had a fabulous time!


Boy, do those names bring back memories! Nice to know those guys are still playing around here in the Valley. (Now, if only I could find a good sitter...)


Ok, I'm way late on this but this looks like yet another great tip. Bellavino is close to our neck of the woods and sounds fabulous. We've finally broken in a good babysitter, so are ready to start hitting more couple-friendly places and less family-style places (loud, lots of kids, you know what I mean.) anyway, you've got a great track record with us, so I'm putting this on our list of future places to check out.

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