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Too funny. My husband quotes from those movies all the time and I, too, haven't seen them through. And, funny enough, I brought home some of TJ's excellent pizza dough this weeken and made a heavenly pizza - much better than those I'd had out at "authentic NY-style pizzeria's" lately. Olive oil, fresh tomatoes, oregano, fresh mozzarella, mushrooms: I was in heaven!


Yay! I'm glad to know there are other people out there who still haven't seen "The Godfather." I thought for sure I was the only one.

Isn't TJ's pizza dough amazing? I've tried to make my own, and it just hasn't turned out half as well as their dough.

I Have His Back

I love making my home made pizza with the dough from TJ's it is truly the best! I shred my mozzarrella though.

I haven't actually watched the Gofather either, some of it yes as my husband watches it and I am on the counch reading instead. We own them all, it's a husband thing I think.

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