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RC sounds like a very wise man.

Camryn bates

Rc bates is my grandfather and what you wrote about him definitely left a smile on my face


Camryn, that's wonderful.

Jacqueline B.

I just had the great pleasure of meeting R.C. in Echo Park the other day...man, what an amazing soul. I cannot stop raving about him to my family...he really thinks like me and some of those dearest to me. We got into heavy stuff but then laughed a bunch too in our conversation. I hope to bump into him again soon...he's the best.

Camryn, your grandpa made my day, my weekend, my week :) he's a beautiful person.

Jenny Dino

R.C.Bates is a cool guy! I met him in 1990 when we were extras in a Stephen Seagal movie. To this day, I still have his headshot and bio and have always remembered him. He told me a beautiful story that I never forgot and I think it went like this... R.C.'s brother rode a motorcycle and visited R.C. one Tuesday. The brother said how much he loved the song, "Tuesday Afternoon" by the Moody Blues and played it over and over that day they were together. I think R.C. had told me that it was the last time he saw his brother because he was killed in a motorcycle accident. So every time I hear that Moody Blues song, I think of R.C. and say a prayer for he and his brother. I hope I remembered the story correctly. It was 25 years ago that he told it to me. I hope I did it justice...

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