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hi, my name is summer and im a writer from western australia, trying gather info on setting for my up coming novel, i was wondering if u cld describe to me the vibes and climate of san francisco and oakland if you no anything about it.
the information would be very helpful, and i wld be very grateful.
yours sincerely,

Brian Michael Hassett

Dear Michelle,
It was delightful to read your discussion about the final days of Gatorville at SF State. I was a masters degree candidate in Creative Writing at SF State in the spring of '66 and also a resident of Gatorville. When we residents were informed that we would have to move out that summer, so Gatorville could be razed, we didn't roll over and play dead. Some residents did move out but the vocal majority were feeling a sense that not all the good cards were in the hands of the authorities. When we learned that Eugene McAteer was pushing for our ouster because the Park Merced Association was not happy to have our funky circle of apartments in the neighborhood, we sent him a letter informing him that we would soon be picketing him at his house. The letter worked like magic and we threw a great party to celebrate. I'm writing about this in a book in progress. Take care, Brian Hassett, Auburn, CA.

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