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Well said. Great Slideshow. I can "totally" relate, being born and raised in the Inland Empire. We fight the same sterotypes ..."Land of the Dirt People"..."Felony Flats"...etc. People think all that's out here is dirt, meth labs, cows and prisons. ;)


Thanks, Janet! I see how you can relate living in the Inland Empire. That's another reason I like writer Susan Straight; she writes about the Inland Empire that SHE knows, not the one everyone else talks about: the Hell's Angels, meth addicts, etc.

Thanks for stopping by!

Francis Stokes

I really enjoy your blog - you've captured perfectly the many reasons that I always defend the Valley as a fascinating wonderland hidden beneath the smog and strip malls. Your blog is an inspiration to get out and explore it.

Thanks so much for writing and photographing it so eloquently!


Thanks, Francis! I just came back from Balboa Park. It's one of those warm, not too hot, gorgeous August days. People are out - rollerblading in Trojan warrior helmets, running with dogs, pushing kids on bikes, rolling by on all sorts of carts, bikes, and wheeley things. All these people, the trees, the great weather, just confirmed my Valley-love once again.

So I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Thank you for your kind comments.

Dollar Digi Surf

Wow Tarzana hills!! Hmm Thanks for sharing this video..
I enjoyed watching it..

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