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Good post - My Sharona still holds up as a great song today!

I'm right there with you in those 1979 memories.

This song brings me back to being 17, autumn, driving around 3-4 Catholic boys from Loyola High School in my white 2-door Cutlass Supreme (the "cutty car")... no seat belts & driving a bit too fast past expensive mansions near my high school in Kenilworth, Illinois... music cranking loud as we all sing "MY SHARONA" together and laugh hysterically continuing to 'car dance' (bop) to the beat. I have long, blonde hair and some type of preppy outfit - probably khaki pants, Bass shoes and a fuzzy bright pink Polo logo'd T-shirt. The good, Christian boys I know from church, are all clean cut, sporting light blue shirts and khaki pants: school uniforms. We are enjoying our youth!

Song ends and I've dropped them off at church - like the good Catholic girl I was (no hanky panky THAT day anyway). HA HA HA

"My Sharona" = GREAT times! ;)

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