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very Good!


aaaaaaaa.... kevin costner!


wow, pack-studded all right! and kevin looked so young then and so thin! oh, he's much more handsome now...some men get better with age....


Don't you just love those weekends when you want to show off the area where you live and to make it appear more exciting than it is for visiting friends and it works out that way!?!? And please don't carry around any guilt that you kept cindy from ditching you to go out with richard. I think that might have hurt your feelings in a huge way if she did abandon you like that. The way it turned out she was able to continue friendships with both of you! Lovely post as always. (can we see you in No Way Out if we pause the tivo? I want to rent that to find you!)

Granny Smith

When I was a bit younger (say about seventy-five years younger) I was a fanatical about the movies. On a trip to Hollywood with my parents, I was absolutely thrilled to encounter (visually, but not to speak with) Carole Lombard and Clark Gable. You surely showed Cindy a great weekend! I really enjoyed this story!


great story --- cindy must surely have taken away some wonderful memories as well as you --- lucky girls!!!

Kayce Neal

What a great exciting weekend for you all. I can just imagine all the emotions that you were experiencing when you realized it was actually Kevin Costner... What a great story and great writing.. Kayce


Thanks everyone for your comments.

Granny Smith - Wow! Clark Gable and Carole Lombard? What a glamorous pair! As a kid who grew up loving black and white films, those two were some of my favorites. I've always had a crush on Clark. It was hard not to after seeing him in "Gone with the Wind."

Shawn - Hey you!! I've never the movie "No Way Out." But I did find that trailer (the one posted) which shows part of the Taxi scene at the airport. And other than a little blur to the left in the background, I imagine I won't be found anywhere.


Cindy sounds like quite a friend to have. I think I would have invited her to a picnic at the park instead...maybe in North Dakota. ha ha



Please don't get the wrong idea. Cindy wasn't like that. I never gave Cindy the chance to answer. She, being a smart, thoughtful and kind friend, would have said what I said only with a less snotty attitude than I used.

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