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Phew I'm exhausted - how are you feeling now?


I enjoyed this post so much! Just a little window into someone else's life. signed, a fellow procrastinor.


Redness, I'm exhausted. But all in all, I shouldn't complain. I have my daughter, my cat and - though no best seller book - a little shred of dignity. Thanks for asking.

Amy, thank you. It's comforting to know a fellow procrastinator.

gautami tripathy

Write away! I can't live without writing!

The books I would write


Had me hooked from start to finish. More than well done.


Ack! I know how you feel - except I don't have a cat, just 7 kids. :) Great read!


i just cannot live without knowing the outcome of the cat!!! has your dog shown signs of cat aggression in the past??
my rottie has a developed huge prey drive with age and my cat will not live in the house with her.. i had to fix him up a little studio in an old abandoned cabin on the property... we have never had an incident,, but god willing we never will....

i feel for you as i know i would be a torn mess in a situation like this...


Thanks for writing - Paul, texasblu and paisley!

texasblu, seven kids?! Wow, and I'm having a hard enough time with my one kid and my pets. Whooo...

paisley, thanks for asking. My cat looks brand new. She woke up yesterday with barely a limp. Now I can't even detect anything wrong with her leg. Her nerves were damaged, but now everything is back to normal. The doctor didn't know if she'd ever be able to use that leg.

My dog had only shown aggression to the mailman and other people who walk up to our house. Sure, she'd bark and growl. But once people were welcomed into our home, she would become a cowering weakling. Yes, she chased squirrels in our backyard... but I never, ever thought she would hurt my other animals. When my cat was a kitten, she (my dog) would lick her and nuzzle her gently with her nose.

My daughter thinks our dog was in her squirrel craze (maybe having just seen a squirrel) and then grabbed my cat instead. It's all so horrifying. I just can't take the chance of having them together.

It's sad.

But thanks for your comments and concern.



Love to read this book someday. So get writing.


Oh, what a week you had! Amazing that you could write it all down in such charming fashion! Nice post!

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