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Myrtle Beached Whale

nice take on the prompt


Hey, thanks -

I tried to just spill out what came to mind. The prompt got me thinking.

Thanks again for stopping by.


ohmygawwwd, that is HILARIOUS!!!! What I would have paid to have seen that in person. So glad your husband was "prompt" in his picture taking! You sure were having fun.


Yep, my stomach hurt more from laughing than an any other body part. And my husband never takes photos. Since I'm the photographer in the family, you would hardly know I'm part of the family because I'm never in the pictures... but this time (going over the hedge) my husband takes the photo.


A perfect post! I can recognize those wild passions - the total 'into it' scenes. And the final shot of an ending dance is good humor to the nth! Great post!



You are soooo kind. Thank you!!


That hedge photo just made my morning. Not that I'm laughing *at* you. ;)


Forgot to say...helluva post. Love it.


Glad to make you laugh, Marilyn!! Thanks for writing.

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