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Fellow member of the class of '82 here. I went to a Catholic high school in Florida, and even there, it seemed like there was a period of time when everyone I hung out with had divorced parents except me. We were definitely in the vanguard of seeing a skyrocketing divorce rate - what's interesting is that it hasn't grown all that much since then (although I've contributed to more recent statistics).

I'll go back to read that Newsweek article - thanks for the link. I think you're right; people our age really don't seem to talk so much about how we grew up, except with each other. We're like an afterthought to the Boomers as far as public image.

I'm currently reading a novel about a girl (with divorced parents) growing up in Southern California in the 1970's, The Ruins of California by Martha Sherrill, and some of the details really take me back.



I always love hearing from people in my age group. Like you said, we usually just talk amongst ourselves. I don't often find things to read or see documentaries about us and what we thought of that period, the way I hear again and again from the Boomers. I couldn't agree more about our group being an "afterthought." As a matter of fact, I keep wanting to write a piece about that.

It just makes me laugh that the counterculture of the '60s was all about rebelling against their parents before them. Yet the children of that era speak up and we're swatted down as whiners. To this day I hear 60-year-old women talk about having to grow up in the backward '50s - which is interesting to hear their perspective. But we have opinions, too.

By the way, that book, The Ruins of California, sounds interesting. Is it good?

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I think this picture sums up what our generation dealt with.



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