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Never in the history of the internet has a song been so perfectly fit to a home move as the first part of your video. Although I cannot stand the Beatles, the music and images of you and your sister dancing together are just meant for each other. Thanks for posting that.


Wow, Lou, thanks! What a compliment. I can't help but love the Beatles. Their music was so immersed in the best memories of my childhood that I can not separate the too. It was as though, even before editing my videos, they were playing the soundtrack to my life.

But, hey, we don't all have to love 'em.

Thanks for writing. You made my day!


i LO0Oo0OoVED thaaaaat!!! So much fuuunnn!!! Always dancing and having fun! That's how I pictured your home movies. I'm so happy you are sharing them with the rest of us. I can't get enough of them!

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