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Robb Jones

Gallo, that’s pretty high class, even with the finger loop. : > We would return enough soda bottles and spare change for the primo California gallon jug of Red Mountain, usually you could find it on sale for 99 cents.

Thank you for a wonderful trip back to the days I remember in San Francisco and the Bay Area. I don’t have a lot of memory from that time, usually too stoned, or tripping but your photos brought back a few fond memories. I was a runaway in ’69-and made it to the Haight-Ashbury district ended up panhandling and anything else it took to survive in those times…I wanted to be a guitar and folk singer like Arlo Guthrie, only problem I was told I sounded too much like him…lol. Later moved over to Berkley and stayed with a really cool chick at the time, named Julie Lindsey, I remember her, I ended up marrying her sister and became a father at 16. The marriage lasted for 2 years, got drafted and joined the Navy, didn’t want to go to Viet Nam but couldn’t bring myself to run to Canada. Anyway the military was too straight for Llanda and that is all past history. Today I live and work in Alaska, love adventure traveled the world courtesy of the US Gov, but as one that has tried to live a normal life I crave the times when we all wanted to make love and not war.


Robb, thanks for your memories. Glad to hear you made it back safe from Vietnam. Wow, the stories you must have, huh? There surely was no place on the planet like the Bay Area in the 70s. Being raised there was quite an experience.

Gallo is pretty high class... with the finger loop and all? A step up from the boxed wine my parents moved to in the 80s. And, hey, they used the Gallo jugs for terrarium planters as Christmas gifts, later. Gallo: The gift that keeps on giving.


Hiya folks! Yep, growing up in the Bay Area in the 60's and 70's was, literally, a trip! I came upon this page looking for a jug label for Red Mountain. My 40th High School reunion is coming up, and we all remember the cloying, sour, bitter taste and the stupendous hangovers we got from a $1.59 gallon jug of Red Mountain. Nasty! Awesome! Me an' Dale would, in turn, put the jug to our lips and count off 40 straight gulps. Instant buzz! Lord thank you for letting me survive those years! I'd absolutely LOVE to print off a label and paste it onto a gallon of "today" wine. Alternately, maybe you know of an elite and exclusive wine cellar that has a 40 year old jug of Red Mountain in stores! Cheers!


I also recall the beginnings of wine-drinking in the 1970s in brands such as Livingston Cellars, Almaden, and Inglenook (jug wine of course). And guess what? They'll still around and taste pretty good for the money. I like to sip on a glass of chablis and listen to the Moody Blues on a summer afternoon--relive the 70s!

Geoff Strickland

I got out of the service in 1964 and became a destitute student for 4 years. Having spent 2 years in France I thought myself something of a wine connoisseur I quickly discovered Red Mountain Vin Rose at $1.49 per gallon. They also made a Red Mountain Burgundy that was undrinkable (Charles Bukowski swore off of it!) Red Mountain Rose was as ubiquitous as Jr Walker and his Allstars at parties in Southern California. A few years ago an old Biker friend informed me that Red Mountain was removed due to the Government insisting that wines must contain grapes which were not found in Red Mountain Vin Rose.

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