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Pondering Pig

You're a very silly girl. Please be more serious about life! It's not really all about holding the Big Tiki. I think.


I may be silly, but I certainly take life seriously. Mostly life, for me, is about my family - waiting up for my daughter, checking in with her, making sure she stays safe, has goals, values, dreams, eats right and makes good choices. And of course my life involves lots of grocery shopping, paying mortgage, utilities, etc., doctor appts, laundry, dishes, scrubbing this-that-and-everything that needs it. There's grocery shopping for everyone, feeding everyone (husband, daughter and all the animals). Then there's our family business that has bills, managing, and all kinds of time consuming tasks and errands involved. There's volunteering when I find a good cause and researching to find out more so I know how I can help, truly help without doing the easy feels-good-but-in-the-end-doesn't-really help sort of thing.

And before, in between and after all that is the constant contemplating life - the Yin and Yang; Is there free will or destiny?; And all the whys, hows and what-fors. There's reading, thinking and pondering on what my role in this big, crowded planet is... and still I figure there's all too much seriousness going on. Seriously.

And anyway, not much of that makes for interesting writing.


I loved your post!! I so wished you had won!!!!!!

I think we might be living parallel lives!!! I, too, boarded a wrong plane--- twice ! Though I didn't throw up on a woman, I DID pour out my bladder not realizing the seat was down, and as I turned around in full pour to lift it, I accidently peed all over a woman's pink high heels in the stall beside me!

I was too busy zipping up my pants and running out to notice her hair-do, but i do remember she shouted something out to me and I don't think it was in english. (french, perhaps?)


Shawn - about your TWO!! wrong plane fiascos and your bathroom debacle... I don't know whether to feel good for me (Yay!! I'm not the only one) or bad for you. Oh well. I guess we just have more "interesting" experiences to share with those less-humilated types of people.

Do you know that at the game show audition one guy had to go all the way back to his high school prom to find an embarrassing moment? And it wasn't even embarrassing!!! So what! He spilled a glass of water on his crotch before the prom. I do stuff like that about ten times a day. Yeesh!

Wow, that's weird. I sort of seem proud of my spastastic experiences. And why not? And you should be too, Shawn. I mean... two wrong plane stories. I feel like a fraud with my pathetic one tale compared to yours.

Seriously, if you ever find yourself hanging out at the Ramada Inn in Canoga Park again shoot me an e-mail. I think we might be long lost relatives.

Julia Scott

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I got totally wrapped up in your post about the tiki torch - part of me really hopes they are going to call you! It could happen, babe!
Anyway, thanks for emailing me, and I hope you'll add the Bargain Hunter to your blog roll.


Julia -

No problem! Considering that my biggest daily excitement is watching the Ralph's register total whittle away after I hand the clerk my coupons - you ar going to be my Valley Bargain Guru. I get woozy when I save $$$$. I was actually going to add you to my blog roll without you even having to mention it. I know I'm going to be needing to check your site out daily.

Thanks for investing your time into my tale of Tiki and Game show lust!



YAY!!! They really, really like you! So you're gonna be in the mob scene, but I can bet you a-zillion-to-one (whatever that means! please don't ask) that you will get all the close-ups!!! And then you will be discovered by some bigwig producer and then, the next thing you know you'll be Drew Carey's side-kick on the New Price is Right and ohhhhh, the refrigerators you will own!! Actually, that bigwig producer will get you a leading role in some award winning movie and you'll be walking the red carpet with camera's flashing all around!

Or not. But I'm really excited for you because I really, really like you, too.



You're too funny. I'm just hoping I don't get the first answer wrong. But I love your enthusiasm! Thanks for your support... as usual.

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