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Pondering Pig

Hard to really believe this story, Michelle. In the profile shot you look like a movie star. Even in the 'little smile' shot you look like somebody I would have admired. Maybe it's that fabulous Farrah Fawcett! But, as always, I love your writing. And as a fellow victim of Peninsula teen culture (although a generation or two earlier), I cringe for you.


Thanks, but I'm curious - what part don't you believe? That kids only fifteen mins. from SF wore overalls and listened to Captain and Tennille? (That shocked me, too) That my car wouldn't stop? That my nickname "Wilma" followed me all the way to LA?

I swear, I'm no James Frey... and if I were going to lie, I'd make my stories a lot more interesting than the dramas of a day-dreaming kid in a small town. Instead, I'd toss in a decapitated Doggie Diner Dachsund head or Carol Doda's boobs... or both!

Pondering Pig

Nah - it was the part about being called a snobby airhead. Or, alternately, a stuck up space cadet. I was interested in the 4-H kids too, actually. We didn't have any of that breed across the mountain at San Mateo High.


aww. I'm so VERY happy you survived that scary VW non-brake escape, Wilma!! I just scanned your post and thought you mentioned driving along El Camino Real but that might have been an earlier post. I know that street so well! My aunt still lives off it, near the SFO airport. And I have wandered the mall at Tanforan Mall and ate at the LYON Restaurant a zillion times (now a Melaka Restaurant) on the corner of San Bruno ave and El Camino. I drove a friend to the San Francisco Airport last week and we drove the coast highway through Pacifica. The fog rolled in like ocean waves. We froze. We had left 96 degree temperatures just an hour away.


Pondering Pig - the snobby part I figure is because I was actually a little shy. And even when I wasn't my vision wasn't so great so I heard a few times that people waved to me in the halls and I just walked by... but basically the hallways look like one smeared oil painting of humanity to me.

The air head, space cadet name came from a whole other subset of people...usually in classes with me. I spent my entire high school years day dreaming or being goofy.

Also, that coach/teacher not only ridiculed me, but I found out recently he did the same thing to my sister. The two of us had moved and changed schools so often, neither of us cared for the school environment.

Shawn -

I know I must've passed you in the corridors of TanForan. I spent a lot of time at the movie theaters there - I'll never forget it's where I went to see Grease. My friend Gloria's mother brought us. When she said we were going to see "Grease," I had no idea. I thought it was a documentary about "Greece." And many pizzas were eaten afterward at the Round Table Pizza place nextdoor. The only stores there I think I remember are Spencer's Gifts and was it Contempo Casuals ...no, I think that was Serramonte. It was some other quintessential 80s store.

And Lyons!!! It's not there anymore? Ah... before my mom moved to France, she lived in Burlingame (right near the airport and El Camino - where you were). So my husband and I would go to Lyons for breakfast while my daughter (when she was little) could hang out with her grandma.

And thanks for reminding me about the chilly, foggy Pacifica weather. Sometimes I'll see photos of it on Flickr and think - wow!! Has the weather gotten better there? All the photos are sunny. But I spent - it seems - 90% of my teen years in the fog... mentally and meterologically (does that make sense?). So what's Pacifica like now? I haven't been there in many, many years?

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