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oh that is so funny!!! I just had that EXACT SAME THOUGHT today!! I am receiving a check for $645 in the mail any day now and my car is closely arriving at 80,000 miles so I called the VW place for service. "How much for the 80,000 tune-up?"
I ask them. "Ohhh, that's a BIG ONE! Yup. It'll cost you between $600 - $650 bucks!"

Why don't we just ask that our bonus checks or money gifts from relatives or from freelance clients.. to just write it out to our credit card because that's where it's going. Ya gotta love how the universe takes care of us, though.


Wow, Shawn - with your car bill and similar check amount I am not totally convinced that the universe definitely has some role in the auto repair bill figuring.

Maybe I should begin an investigation into this phenomena (Uh oh... every time I hear the word phenomena, I can't get that muppet music, "Mah-Na Mah-Na," out of my head.)

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