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Speaking of boarding up old theatres in the Valley, did anyone notice that the Topanga theatre is just about completely torn down ? I saw Earthquake & Midway in S-E-N-S-A-R-O-U-N-D there.


How cool is that? the film "Earthquake" in Sensaround -in the Valley (home to real earthquakes.) The theater you're talking about is the one on Victory and Topanga, right? Wow, when did it get bulldozed? I know it's been boarded up a while, but... that's sad.

I believe that's all supposed to be part of the Topanga mall extension.

Oh, lucky us!! (I'm just down the street) This new mall extension is supposed to (I think I've heard) link the Promenade mall to the Topanga mall. It will be wall to wall mall!! As if the traffic isn't horrible already...bleck!


Yep. You know the theatre.

Word is that the Canoga Park/West Hills area is being changed to Westfield in honor of the mallification of the West SFV. Jeeez.

BTW, followed your Yelp recomendation for Jim's Meat Market on Fallbrook. I've passed by that little place a zillion times without even giving it a second thought. Now my wife buys all of her meat there. Good review.

P.S. Michael D's at the Bowling Alley on Ventura Blvd (west of Fallbrook) is a hidden gem. Great food for a bowling alley. Bet you could have fun with that review!



Glad you found Jim's Market. Now you reminded me I need to stop by there more often. Plus, I just discovered they carry Dandy Don's Ice Cream http://www.dandydons.com/icecream/locations.html
there. I hear it's good. I'll have to swing by for a pint of that and a few rib eyes.

I'll have to check out Michael D's. Thanks for the tip!

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