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Pondering Pig

Good luck Saturday - I wish I could be there to cheer your home movies. They have to be the best. By the way, who is that great little girl in the black and white photo? She looks like Natalie Wood in the original Miracle on 34th Street.


PP - That's my mom. She was often told she looked like Natalie Wood as a teen and adult. That's the one celebrity I've often been told I look like, too.

Pondering Pig

Wow! Now I want to meet you too. As to many my age, Rebel Without A Cause remains the defining film of my early life - and Natalie's bitchy sixteen year old presence is one of it's unspoken keys. By the way, and this is totally off the home movie track, are you familiar with a wonderful British actress named Justine Waddell? She played Natalie in a TV movie called The Mystery of Natalie Wood. I've wanted to see it just cause she is such a talented actress and she does also look a lot like the young Nat Wood.
Hope everybody cheered at your home movies. I would!

Laurie Ann Noel

I've been reading about this event for years now--that is fantastic news to have your family's exciting travels seen on the "Big Screen." Please let us know how it went!

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