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What an ado0Oorable cat!!!!

And such an appropriate name for litttle miss June "CASH"

And, why is it that vet bills always seem to be more expensive that the doctor?


Shawn!! Why didn't I think of that? June Carter "Cash!!!"...that's sadly fitting and much shorter than her other nickname, "The Valley's Most Expensive Cat." Not that it's the cat's fault - as a friend said to us, "Man, that cat would've been better off running wild."

You should see her. She has a patch shaved off her side from her absess vet visit. Now, both her little paws are shaved for her IVs, so it looks like she's wearing a pair of fuzzy Uggs. She's a mess!

Pondering Pig

Hey Michelle, So funny! Why did I wait so long to come over to Aprilbaby to see what you were up to? I knew it was something with a cat but didn't think I had time to read it. What a mistake!

The absolute best way to start a morning with great guffaws and you've provided them yet again.- you're a wonderfully funny writer and I wish you would put stuff up more often.

Your fan,

The Pondering Pig


Hey, Pondering Pig -

Sorry, I haven't been around much. I think I will explain in a post tomorrow. Anyway, thank you so much for your kinds words - as always. I'm your fan, too. And I will stop by your place (on the web that is) when I have a second. Your stories are the kind you want to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy.

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