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I'm gonna hafta read those stories more of your family cause I think my family knew your family. My dad went to school with ol' Mayor Moscone of San Francisco who was gunned down in 1978 . . . (okay, so it wasn't Elmer.. but.. what's a few years in knowing san francisco mayors?)

My dad went to Polytechnic High School in San Francisco and my mom went to Balboa.

My grandmother was 6 weeks when the big 1906 earthquake rattled the City and they slept in Golden Gate Park for I don't know how long.

Just this morning, I awoke in the historical Palace Hotel in downtown San Francisco (this incredible spa hotel where President Harding mysteriously died while in office).. and like you, drove along Columbus Avenue and eventually crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at 8 am this very morning.

I love your post. So strong. So political.

And mostly I thank you for explaining what "my first cousin once removed" means. Who knew that meant your mother's cousin?

'Course.. I'm still wondering what "three quarters past the hour.." means....


Hey Shawn -

Shoot... I was thinking my dad went to Polytechnic, too, but it was Riordan and my mom went to Lincoln.

And when doing a little research on my family, I believe I read that my great grandgrandparents camped in Golden Gate Park, too. I bet we'll figure out someday that we know some of the same people. We seem to have so many places in common.

And, wow, you stay in some pretty swank hotels. We had my senior prom in the Palace. My prom photo is on my Flickr sight under my 80s photos. Ah... I miss SF. Enjoy it for me, will ya? But I know you and you already are.

About the first cousin once remove thing...Kevin e-mailed me (another time) to clarify our relationship. I referred to him as my relative. I knew he's my mom's cousin and my grandma's nephew, but I just thought relative was quicker to write. After he e-mailed me I changed it.

Oh, about time confusions, here's mine: Ten of... what's that mean? Before the hour after the hour? Whenever anyone says that I'm just more confused.

Pondering Pig

'Ten of' is what happens before you get to 'ten past', silly. Just one of those ungrammatical historical accidents I guess, like a frustrated person exclaiming, "I've had it!". What did they have? A bit of underdone potato?

As you well know, fellow native, the old City is gone wherever the longshoremen and Herb Caen went, but the new City is still pretty cool. It's a still a gas to take BART rumbling under the City, then change to one of those tandem streetcars and get off out in the foggy Avenues or Upper Cole Valley, where the City still feels like forever. Man, I'm getting homesick! Thanks for the post.

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