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I love those short films! I never heard of Pacific Ocean Park---I am so sorry to have missed it. I think I would like much better than Sea World, which I find completely boring.



Gotta agree with you about Sea World. I wrote about our bad experience here, in one of my posts. Not only was it a snooze-fest (ZZZZZZZZZ...boring!) Sure, the animals and fish are great...but, there aren't enough exhibits to keep you busy for more than two hours. And the day we were there the coaster was down...the employees were hostile and rude - oh, and everything - including a damn straw for my drink - cost extra. $3.00 for a straw?!! No thanks! I'd rather use my money to clean bird poop from the top of my head. And that's the other thing that happened to me there.

A good time was had by none...in my group anyway. I was so disappointed I complained at customer service about the prices and the rude staff. And, what do you know - I got a free popcorn!

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