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pondering pig

Hey, I just looked you up on Google Maps. Pretty cool neighborhood, if your Mom let you play in the Grove and go hear all the opera and bands. A little foggy though. My folks lived there in the Thirties and always referred to it a 'Pneumonia Gulch'." You must have been just a couple of blocks from that big indoor swimming pool on 19th Avenue. No wonder you turned into a writer - San Francisco's foggy western neighborhoods bred them. Too cold to go out and play I guess.


Yep, that address on 23rd was my grandparents' house. Since they lived in the Sunset District for forty years and we moved a lot, that home was my hub. I loved staying there - playing in the grove among the cherry trees in spring; watching puppet shows at the little clubhouse and hearing the bands in the Grove. I loved running to the corner store for Charm's suckers and Abba-Zabbas or to the butcher shop with grandma. And Larsen's pool (I think that was what it was called) - with stuffy, musty, chlorine fumes and all - I loved!!! Even if we had to wear bathing caps. Oh, and that airplane on the corner of 19th and ?, near the pool. My last memory of that plane is of me sitting inside it while eating Cracker Jacks. I even loved the fog when I was at grandma's...because her house was always warm and filled with the aroma of a roast cooking in the oven.

Thanks for the memories Pondering Pig.


I love this post and the photos of you reading to your sister! The libraries of my growing-up years were very special places. I can clearly remember going to the first of them...my mom or my big sister pulled me 10 blocks in my little wagon, with the family's books to be returned on my lap. I felt both sorrow and excitement during the ride; did I REALLY want to give back my wonderful books? Ah, but there would be the delight in choosing five more! I felt so rich when we got home again, as I spread my new treasures on the floor around me and tried to pick which book to "read" first. Library day was indeed special!


Yep, I know the feeling. I'm still like that. I can't wait to hurry home from the library and enjoy my books.

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