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I'm so glad your Mom prevailed. Exotica is a great name for an alter ego, but I'm afraid she would have ended up working in a strip joint!


Oh, you're right. I just missed living my life as a stripper. That makes sense! Thanks, Donna.

pondering pig

It's not too late to become Exotica Gutch. At least for fun. That's a great name! I'm sure she looks like a lady from the Far Side. Or like Andrea Martin as the station manager on the old SCTV. Exotica has a leopard skin pillbox hat future!

Hey, I have shuffled alter ego identities most of my life. Currently I'm The Pondering Pig. But I was once a songwriter/folksinger named Walrus Pemmican. Before that a beatnik poet named Beatitude Tutman. Much more fun than just being plain old Chris Newton.

Exotica is just waiting for her shot, Michelle.


Thanks for your support. Maybe after my daughter's out of school I'll buy a leopard skin pillbox hat and take it on the road with a burlesque bump and grind routine along to Martin Denny's appropriately titled music -


Walrus Pemmican? Are you Canandian?


Gutch? I'm a Gutch too....live in NJ and think like you! Related?

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