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pondering pig

That's the trouble with writing about our own lives. We can't hide any more. What if it turns out to be boring? What if I'm writing pretentious crap and haven't noticed? But hey - what if you were an actor and had to go get turned down at auditions all day?
I really like your sensitivity to the audience. I think it's what makes us improve. I think. But at the same time you got to write about what you got to write about. I liked reading this post!


Hey Pondering Pig,

Thank you so much. And you're absolutely right; it's good to be aware or sensitive of the reader/audience since I am no longer keeping my work to myself; Yet I know better than to pander to an audience. Not everyone will like everything they read. And pandering only creates banality. While I've experienced rejection by editors, I just hadn't faced rejection of my work in such a naked way before. I knew all of this as it was happening, but to see tangible evidence - the woman's notes in her notebook - was a little hard. Anyway, I know that it was a story that meant something to me.

Again, thanks. You're very kind.


I think it sounds like a great story (and one that I could identify and empathize with). I think it was very brave of you to post this, because all too often it's tempting (on our blogs) to only share the stuff that paints us in a flattering light. What I loved most about this is the last line in your comment to P.P.--the story meant something to YOU. And ultimately, that's why we write...right? I've written blog posts that had me nearly in tears because re-experiencing it was touching me deeply...and the comments silence was deafening. And I've written plenty of blog posts that I tossed off in a hurry and thought they were maybe one notch above crap that elicited fabulous feedback. Go figure. So I'm thankful that I've reached a place where I write for ME, instead of any (in my case, blog) audience. Keep writing those stories!


Wow, Marilyn - can I give you a cyber kiss (smack!)? I felt warm all over reading your post. You are honest and wise. Thank you so much.

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