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I realize this post is about Sayce...but I'm still trying to get over the fact that Kenny Aronoff was playing a Thursday night in that spot. I'm sure it's a charming place (in fact, it looks like MY kind of place)...I'm just surprised that Kenny still does gigs like that. :)


Yeah, I know Marilyn. You're right. That's what so cool to see them in this little place that doesn't even ask for a cover. When we got there, Kenny was out in the parking lot pulling his equipment out of his truck. Fred, our friend, introduced us - they either used to play together or still do. And then we all helped Kenny in with his equipment. You'd be surprised what kind of musicians show up at these little places. I don't know if Kenny is just doing it for the love of drumming or what?

I know most of those guys have other gigs. Heck, my friend Fred's played with Queen, Elton, Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd and Super Tramp, and he does these gigs.

I can tell you... there was a really great energy that night, with the venue that small and the talent that huge.

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