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HA! I so relate to this post. When I think back to the swimming pool we went to out in the sticks during childhood summers...it seemed so EXOTIC. I realize now...it was just someone's backyard...they just lived in a rustic setting. :)


Thanks, Marilyn, for relating. Were weeds involved in your exotic vacation spot, too?


That is hilarious!!!! We used to go to that same Russian River back in the early 70s, too!! My aunt and uncle from Hayward, CA had some dilapidated cabin where everything was on a slant and we'd roll off the bunkbeds at night. They called it SKY HAVEN. And to us, it was a bit of heaven. It really isn't the same returning there as an adult. It's got those same weeds. :O)



Remember pee-wee golf and the super slide...and how that siren would go off at the river all the time? My dad told me that meant someone was drowning. I could never tell when my dad was kidding. But if so, an awful lot of people were sinking in the river.

As a matter of fact I did go back in the '90s. It was sad. Everything was quiet. Another campground we went to - when we could afford better, I guess - had one creepy guy carrying an ax. No kids in the pool with the juke box playing. So sad.

Thanks for writing.

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