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The Pink Motel? Right up my alley. And I'm POSITIVE I've seen that coffee shop in several film scenes. :) (LOVE those kinds of places...have a THING for coffee shops in particular.)


Isn't cool? Yeah, I'm sure this coffee shop must be used in a lot of movies and TV shows.

pondering pig

Thanks for the tour, Michelle! I really enjoyed being back in the Valley for a visit without having to actually go there. Give us more! I wonder if there is any of the even older, Philip Marlowe era Valley left...


Pondering Pig -

We had so much fun, my husband and decided we are going to keep looking for things in the Valley and L.A. we haven't yet discovered. Maybe we could do a Philip Marlowe theme...hmmmm.

Naef Spiel

Oh how I love "The Hairdo" !


yeh..the pink motel was the back drop for a music video in 1999 by the Mavericks....'Here Comes my baby'..its a groove 3 mins of 50s nostalgia...




Thanks for that info. Very cool. I'll see if I can find that video on Youtube to link to.

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