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I don't know how many times Ive passed by Franklin's Hardware in the last 5 years telling myself that instead of going to Loews or Home Depot I would go the extra mile to Franklin's cause I was sure that they couldn't be doing well. Yet I always forgot. LO and behold.........

And the Fosters Freeze on Reseda? I remember my dad taking our YMCA club team there after a game and I was pissed cause all the other dad's took the team to Farrells. Yet Fosters outlasted Farrells by about 20 years.

BTW< love the site!


Thanks, Lou -

Yeah, I should have stopped by Rudy's more often, too. But my husband did go there a lot. There were items at Franklin's he couldn't find at the big box stores. And as for Foster's Freeze, that's where I went the day it reached 119 degrees in Woodland Hills. Mmmmm, there's nothing like a soft, melting soft serve cone on a deliriously blazing day.

Yeah, Foster's did survive Farrell's by far. Do you rememember the Farrell's pig trough? If anyone could finish one alone they were serenaded by oinks. I ate entire trough to myself as a teenager and deserved every humiliating oink I got.

Thanks for the nice comments. And I love the "Y" too. Belonging there makes me feel like the community is a lot smaller than it really is.


Oops! I made a terrible mistake and wrote Franklin's Hardware is closing; although it's also an old style, small Hardware store, it's not the one closing. Rudy's is closing. I like them both. It was a dumb mistake. I even used to work with Rudy's daughter, so I shouldn't have made such a dumb slip. I apologize.


We here in Boston are also seeing many old, independent businesses close. I can't stand it. I hate chains.

pondering pig

As another transplanted San Franciscan, I relate. I am currently living in Spokane, Washington and up the street is Miller's Hardware. Been in business forever, the salespeople ask if they can help me within a minute after I'm in the door and, guess what, they always can! They know exactly the product I need and for free throw in helpful advice about how to use the damned thing. They even seem to know the ins and out of things like old house wiring. It should be illegal for places like this to close.


I can't believe what's happening to the Valley!! I grew up in West Hills (by the hospital, when it was still called Canoga Park!) and I remember all of the small businesses that did pretty well back in the day, and it's sad to see them get pushed out by all of the big chain stores!! I now live in Van Nuys, and whenever I drive out to the west Valley, I'm amazed at the constant destruction of the small business.


Yep, it's happening all over. Soon Spokane will look just like Boston or Van Nuys. Yeesh!

Adriene Biondo

Speaking of vanishing landmarks and what's happened at Johnie's, I'd like to extend an invitation to all of you to please join us this Sunday, February 25th for a great event! Hosted by the Friends of Johnie's, our GHOST CRUISE FOR THE BROILER will be a self-driving tour of cool sites, celebrating what's still around...and remembering what's not. We'll be starting out at the 1949 Bob's Big Boy in Burbank -- stop by and pick up a map! It's FREE!

For the latest info on GHOST CRUISE and to see incredible photos of Johnie's and thousands of familiar sights along the road,

please visit roadsidepeek.com


Adriene, Thank you. That sounds great.

Analisa Hungerford

Please do join the "ghost cruise" to the Broiler or just come by the Broiler and picket with us between 1-3 p.m. on Sunday 2/25. These kinds of losses are an assault to all of us.. let's collectively show we will not stand for it!
7447 Firestone Blvd, Downey, Ca... see you on the sidewalk

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