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Hmmm. Let me guess. #1 is the 101 Freeway, heading West. Can't place the the grove of palm trees (did you take that yesterday amid the fog?) Is the cattle grazing in #3 over at Pierce College? Love the look of #4 -- gonna take a wild shot at Sherman Way. And the last one looks like Burbank Blvd in the Sepulveda Basin, moving toward Encino.

If I get any right do I win a prize?


Ding! Ding! Yes Donna... you are corrrrrrrect! On three of them anyway -

The 101, palm trees in yesterday morning's fog and Pierce College are right. The night time neon was taking while driving by Canoga Bowl on beautiful Vanowen Avenue and the other one was taken on Victory Bl. (near Pierce) at Sunset.

Sorry, Donna, There will be no prizes given away today... other than your knowing that you know the Valley well.

Thanks for playing.


I dunno - I think Vanowen is just Sherman Way minus a couple of lanes... :)


*sigh* I just love these photos... I love the Valley. Something about it just calls to me, a sense of a bygone era... I'm enjoying reading your stories about living there!


See... someone else loves the Valley, too. I knew I couldn't be compeletly alone.


Blah!! "completely" is what I meant to write.


wait -- isn't the first photo the 405 N going towards the valley? i could bet a million dollars (if i had them).... and i recognized pierce and victory!


Kathie - you're right. I meant the 405. I'm just on the 101 so often, I had that freeway on my brain.

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