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You realize, of course, that the Tomorrowland you are describing was the *second* one, which opened around 1967 or '68? I remember, because just as I was big enough to ride the Flying Saucers by myself (which were a futuristic bumper car type ride where the little cars floated on bursts of air) -- they had taken it out and reopened the "new" Tomorrowland with the rides you describe here. (Which I also liked, but I missed those flying saucers!)

I used to enjoy Martoni's in the early '80's too.


Donna, I've heard about those flying saucers. Those must've been a blast. Yeah, I didn't mention the oldest Tomorrowland...totally forgot about them. Thanks once again for the sort of info a true L.A. native can give.

Jerry Louis

remember Dino's on Sunset Boulevard...now "Sunset Plaza"....approx where Le Petie' Four is now....Dino's was great...open very late until 4-5 AM for fine late night dining...Matre d' dressed in a tie and suit....great eggs...great view....the kids nowadays have missed much....not to have experienced Dino's On Sunset....


And the Joni Mitchell reference you end with, is a reference to the Garden of Allah. That's the same kind of story, but from another era.

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