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Robbie Rist

I think I got out of it more because they didn't want some 'art wierdo' on the jury than because I was somehow priveledged.

Just sayin'.....


Hey, Robbie - (I don't know how to leave a message on your myspace acct. Sorry.)

Oops, I guess I linked to you directly, huh? You're sweet to not slap me around for throwing your name into my TV Land post and whining about you getting out of jury duty.

I think you're right, partially. Eventually anyone with tattoos or piercings was let go that week. But the day you got to leave, a lot of people were standing up to tell why they couldn't be there: widowed mothers who needed to care for children, etc. I just didn't have any reason nearly good enough to get out of there.

I had to rent a car for a week...and then, in the end, we didn't come to a decision.

It wasn't that I thought you were privileged. I guess I just wish I had some reason to leave, too.

When I get a chance I'll try to figure out how to send you this messg. without having a myspace account.


Do you recall Marcia Wallace's character Carol's surname on The Bob Newhart Show? Kester. As in Kester Avenue. (I saw a list somewhere a long time ago of all the TV characters who had the same names as streets in the Valley. Coincidence? I think not!)


Donna! You know so much about so much. Does that make sense? Thanks for that bit of trivia. Until just now, I didn't know that. Thank you.

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