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I absoluely LOVE listen to peoples conversations. I'm a professional eavsedropper. The cutest people to listen to are the kids. They come out with some stuff that makes me smile and laugh and marvel.


Yep, who needs TV sit-coms? And kids do say the funniest things. Hey, that was a TV show, wasn't it?

pondering pig

Did you like the Bay City Rollers and the Jackson 5? I'm trying to place your era. I've always thought people are "from" the years when they were 18 to 23 - the big culture absorbing time. But maybe I'm wrong. I will have to look into this further.


P.P., I always think of my teen years beginning for me at 13 yrs in '77 with the emergence of punk (Ramones) and ending in my late twenties during late 1980s with the last gasps of the hair bands, like Guns n Roses.

But as a kid I loved the music of Jackson 5, Sly and the Family Stone, etc. and of course my parents' music - The Beatles, The Band, Bob Dylan and on and on.


No man is worth a $300 bottle of tequila :)

Yeah. I have the same pop culture issues, but only because I'm 20 years OLDER than the moms of most of Megan's friends. Ilya Kuriakin I remember...

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