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I remember doing a location shoot for an infomercial segment at a stables in...Glendale? That's the Valley, isn't it? I remember thinking: stables?...out here? It was quite lovely. As for animal life, there was a donkey that lived next door to us when we first moved to St. Thomas. It was a large, 2-story, hilltop rental with a killer view...and then the donkey would start braying... :)


there's nothing i like more than good writing about the valley!

great blog.

it was fun meeting you at the meeting at farmers market.

take care,


Thanks for pointing out the few rural spots that remain here. The Valley has changed SO MUCH.


hello! i stumbled upon your blog while checking the stats on mine (there was a bizarre google search referral for "moms+drunk sons" or something mildly sickening like that) and your blog and mine were "botted" and listed!

i've loved reading so far! i spend many summers and various vacations "in the valley", specifically canoga park & northridge, from about 1976 to 1980 at my stepmother's families houses. your blog is bringing back a lot of memories of growing up. anytime i see those mile-long blvds. listed, i get very nostalgic, i.e., saticoy, fallbrook, topanga, etc...

also, i was just finally back up there visiting a friend who lives and works near pierce college, and on top of that, my daughter attends a yearly field hockey tournament at moorpark college/westlake village--and you, of course, mention both here recently.

i'll be back and please keep on bloggin'!


I am such a martini girl. I think I maybe had a few too many Dirty Martinis on Wednesday night though. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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