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Happy Saint Patrick's to you and yours! I love the photos--do you know how to make Irish Soda Bread?


As long as I've lived here, I never knew there were any St. Patrick's Day parades in the Valley. (As for drinking in the pubs -- THAT's something I'm very familiar with!) Happy belated St. Paddy's Day to you!


LC, I went straight to epicurious.com for all my recipes. I just searched there and they have a whole list of different Irish soda bread recipes. Sorry, I've never made any myself.

Donna, what's your favorite pub in the Valley?

pondering pig

I love that photo of your grandparents. I was watching a Preston Sturges comedy the other night and thinking how men really acted a lot different in that WWII era. Tougher. Your grandpa looks like he could really dish it out if he wanted to. And your Grandma's flowered hat with veil makes her look like Molly of Fibber Magee and Molly. Do you know what the occasion was? And where are they standing?


Pondering Pig-
My grandparents are standing right in front of the Cliff House in S.F. And, I hope I have this right, but I've always believed this is right after they got married.

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