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Hooray for the update!

Sad news about the camera.

Before our Alaska trip, I found a 5 megapixel Minolta at Good Guys for just $199, but the optical zoom & shutter speeds are nothing to write home about. Still, it was such an improvement over our 2 megapixel Kodak, I've been happy with it. Bummer when you have to shell out the bucks for a new one.

Surfing? Good for you! Are you going again?

I have fond memories of the Nuart and am delighted that home video hasn't put them out of business.


April! So glad to see you back in action. I love your posts and coincidentally I'm looking for a new camera with the same specs AND I want to take surfing lessons- I'll check it out and keep you posted!


Donna! Yeah, I've surfed a little since, but plan on going more often and eventually calling Bob for another lesson.

FunkyJenn! Are you back in town? Here's what I've come up with in my camera research - maybe someone else has a better suggesttion - but many reviews and recommendations point to these cameras (with my requested specs):

Canon Powershot A95 (around $299.00)

Better yet, but more expensive at closer to $500.00, is the Canon Powershot SD500.


James Dean was called the Human Ashtray because he let men burn him with cigarettes.

Gotta love trivia!

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