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Isn't it strange how some trips seem to be cursed?

It sounds like San Diego ended up OK, even with the rough spots. (I personally like Sea World, but I'd feel the same way as you if the Atlantis ride was closed and I'd not known how expensive it was going to be. Also, it's probably more fun with younger kids -- like mine).

I LOL'd at the David Arquette and the Pop Secret.


Hey, Donna!

Yeah, we went to Sea World because my daughter loved it when she was younger. But now that she's older she's not allowed in their water park - which bummed her out. Also, last time she got to pet Shamu, but this time he wasn't around.

On this visit, I was particularly price-conscious due to my worry about the cost to fix my car... so every penny counted.

In my opinion, Sea World is better suited for kids ten and younger. For the price, there doesn't seem to be enough for older kids to do.

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I'm sorry what happened in Camp Pendelton. At least you got help from the Marines, awesome! :]

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