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I HATE gatherings like that and avoid them whenever possible, for exactly that reason--my inability to make small talk. Sadly, my boyfriend and I don't have anything as entertaining as "Guess the second engineer" to occupy ourselves. We tend to stand together like a couple of outcasts with frozen smiles on our faces counting the minutes until we can make an escape without feeling rude. (And we wonder why we have no social life...) :) Loved your Top Ramen story...and isn't it a pain that we have to suffer through that sodium puffiness? Annoying. :)


Oh, I know that feeling... studying the room for the stealthy escape. The weekend before I was invited to an afternoon gathering at an ex-neighbor's house; I was the only one who doesn't line-dance and frequent a certain country bar, therefore, was out of the loop during the conversations and re-hashing of events.

I couldn't leave soon enough.

And thanks for commiserating with me on the bloat issue.

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