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Don't be disheartened. A girlfriend told me that over 55 people showed up to interview for a part-time, on call server position for their new restaurant. All leftover resumes will be held for the Spring/Summer opening of the pool bar and the new nightclub.....those attached with headshots, of course!


Ah, the Hollywood Roosevelt. Have they painted over the design David Hockney did in the pool during that 1980's renovation? (If so, that would be a shame.)


Donna - Nope. David Hockney's work is still there. Check out my photos of the pool.


I'm glad they didn't do the stupid thing (as so many people in L.A. do when renovating).

I look forward to seeing the finished product!


My dad was the project manager (the boss) on the hotel for the most recent renovation, and the finished product is remarkable. I was busy helping him finish when I saw the buena vista social club warming up for the hepburn foundations auction. The acoustics of the room the oscars were held in are amazing. I was pleased to see the hotel restored to glory!


Ed -

It looked beautiful when I went also, so I'm glad to hear it's completed. I have the ultimate respect for anyone involved in restoring beautiful landmarks from L.A.'s past so that we in the present can enjoy them.

I was only observing that reality shows, such as the one for the hotel renovation, seem to like to manipulate things a bit so that it's a skewed look at reality.

I have a sofa from the lobby that I bought in 1990 it is very long and it is in the lobby picture to the right. My neighbor was an employee there and she bought it at an employee sale.

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